Sega’s Looking For Franchise Feedback (Again)

Sega’s Looking For Franchise Feedback (Again)

by March 19, 2019

Make your voice heard

Every now and then, Sega will run a poll to determine which of their classic and current franchises people still hold on to. And wouldn’t you know it, it’s that time again.

Unlike past polls, which covered a significant portion of Sega’s retro catalog, your choices here are somewhat limited. The poll will run through how often you buy games, how often you pre-order games, whether you buy digitally or physically (and why), but when it comes time to name your favorite Sega franchises, your options are limited to:

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog
  2. Yakuza
  3. Super Monkey Ball
  4. Bayonetta
  5. Gunstar Heroes
  6. Shinobi
  7. Jet Set Radio
  8. Phantasy Star
  9. Phantasy Star Online
  10. Sakura Wars
  11. Shining
  12. Altered Beast
  13. Virtua Fighter
  14. Streets of Rage
  15. Valkyria Chronicles
  16. Puyo Puyo
  17. Project DIVA
  18. Shenmue
  19. Football Manager
  20. Total War
  21. Golden Axe
  22. House of the Dead
  23. Virtua Tennis
  24. Crazy Taxi

A pretty robust list, but compared to previous polls, it features some notable omissions, like Panzer Dragoon. While it’s always a little questionable to read between the lines too much in things like this, perhaps it would suggest Sega has no interest or no ability to make another Panzer Dragoon game, given most of the developers responsible for that series haven’t worked at Sega in quite some time.

Also interesting to note is the separation between Phantasy Star and Phantasy Star Online, suggesting there may be hope yet for a more traditional JRPG set in the original Phantasy Star universe. (Not to be confused with the PS2 and Xbox game, Phantasy Star Universe).

The rest of the questionnaire asks you about a limited list of favorite Non-Sega games, and what you’d like to see from each of your favorite Sega franchises — including remakes, remasters, sequels, and merchandise. Oh, and did I forget to mention? There’s a sweepstakes attached to it, too. Those that give their opinions can be entered to win one of several gift cards in $500, $250 and $100 denominations for a digital storefront of their choosing (Playstation Network, Xbox Live, Switch eShop, or Sega Store).

So make sure to cast your votes. After all, Shenmue 3 is currently slated to release later this year, so any miracle is possible. Just click the link in the tweet above, or you can also click here for convenience-sake.