Six New Sega Ages Games Announced

Six New Sega Ages Games Announced

by March 30, 2019

Shinobi, Wonder Boy, and more

Unless you live in Japan, it happened in the dead of night: at Sega Fes, six new “Sega Ages” games were announced for the Nintendo Switch.

  • Shinobi
  • Wonder Boy in Monster Land
  • Fantasy Zone
  • Puzzle & Action: Inchidant-R
  • Herzog Zwei
  • G-LOC Air Battle

Whereas past Sega Ages releases have been a mixture of Master System and Genesis games, this batch seems to be dominated by arcade releases. Yes, that means that Shinobi is not its Sega Genesis counterpart, but a wholly different game. It certainly makes for a nice change of pace, given the endless re-releases of Sega’s console library as of late.

And, considering this is M2 doing these ports, there are the typical bonuses: Wonder Boy includes both the Japanese and American versions of the game, plus online leaderboards. Fantasy Zone is based on the Sega Ages 3DS version of the game, which mixes the original arcade version of Fantasy Zone with the Sega Mark III version. Herzog Zwei will apparently ship with online multiplayer.

As of yet, release dates have not been announced, or even whether or not all of these games are coming to English speaking territories. (Puzzle & Action in particular seems unlikely).