Fan Fridays: Relay Bros

Fan Fridays: Relay Bros

by April 12, 2019

Collabs seem to be all the rage these days; animations, illustrations, you name it. But wait, I hear you the reader ask. What about music? Well fear not, because that’s exactly what the team at Relay Bros are all about.

As defined by the bros themselves, “Relay Bros is a project where everyone makes a piece of the same song with their own unique touch, forming a relay arrangement. The challenge is to surprise the listener and your fellow musicians with your incredible style. The result is a crazy mixture of awesomeness that grows from love and fun!”

And fun they are. Listed below are some examples of their work, including remixes from Studiopolis Act 2, Marble Garden Zone, and the SEGA classic OutRun. (Listen closely halfway through the first one; you may just hear a contribution by Tee Lopes himself!)

You can listen to all the relay remixes on both YouTube and SoundCloud. We’re always searching for fan work to highlight, so if you too have a project you’d like to share then please shoot us a link over at!