IDW Announces Sellouts for Sonic #14, #15, and Annual

IDW Announces Sellouts for Sonic #14, #15, and Annual

by May 8, 2019

Collectors and casual readers of the new Sonic comics will want to visit their local shop quickly, as the series has accomplished a feat not seen since the series debuted.

Today, IDW announced three recent editions–issue #14, #15, and the first Annual edition–have sold out at the distributor level. That means it can no longer be ordered by retailers, who will now sell the remaining stock out. Issues 14 and 15, but not the Annual, can be purchased as part of a bundle on the U.S. Sega shop.

We checked the website Comichron to see how that equates to actual issues sold. Comichron estimates more than 11,000 copies of Sonic #15 sold during the month of March, with a similar amount sold for Sonic #14 in February. In contrast, IDW considered their first issue of Sonic “sold out” at more than 21,000 copies sold last year, and a similar designation was given to issue #2 at more than 14,000 sold.

This last occurred when the IDW series launched last April. Four issues were released during that month, and all sold out, requiring IDW to print second and, in the case of the first issue, a third edition. IDW did not disclose in its press release whether similar considerations would be made for these newer releases.