New Famitsu Sega Ages Interview Published

New Famitsu Sega Ages Interview Published

by May 10, 2019

For more than 20 years, the Sega Ages label been a way for Sega to release popular and niche titles of yesteryear for current audiences. The latest line of releases for Nintendo Switch continues to trickle out, with upcoming fare such as Sonic 2 being closely watched by fans old and new.

A new interview with key members of the Ages team published today by Famitsu offers insight into the selection round of the Switch series. It is largely in Japanese, but with a translator, it affords perspective from Rieko Kodama, Kagaesi Shimomura and Yosuke Okunari, as well as M2’s Naoki Horii. The Mega Drive Mini is mentioned in passing as well – as M2 now has a more direct role in the production of the system and its contents. First announced last year, it’s expected to be released worldwide this Fall.

While reaction and sales in the West has been positive to the Switch line, the team laments that hasn’t quite been the case in Japan, with sales so far less than half that of the previous line for the Nintendo 3DS, with several games enhanced to take advantage of the system’s unique hardware. Though several new Ages titles were announced at the recent Sega Fes in Japan, it is because of those sluggish sales that it may be a while before new titles can be announced.

The Ages release of Sonic 2, hotly anticipated in the wake of the Taxman and Stealth mobile remaster, still does not have solid release guidance.