Sega Announces “Citizens of Space”

Sega Announces “Citizens of Space”

by June 7, 2019

Sequel to Citizens of Earth

Here’s something that surprised me — I didn’t honestly know that Sega was involved with the original Citizens of Earth, so to hear about them publishing Citizens of Space was a bit of a shock. Double checking, Citizens of Earth was published by Atlus, so it makes some sense that Sega would have their hand in that.

Equally surprising is the fact that Citizens of Space is being announced now, with the game set to release in a little over a week.

Citizens of Earth was a turn-based RPG, kind of a riff on both Earthbound and Pokemon, as you traversed a distilled version of Americana full of weird and wacky characters as The Vice President of Earth. Citizens of Space takes things intergalactic, and though it’s still a turn-based RPG, now it has interactive battle elements more reminiscent of Paper Mario, or Ubisoft’s recent South Park games.

Citizens of Space releases June 19th on Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Steam, four days after E3 ends.