Final Focus: PatMac

Final Focus: PatMac

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Final Focus features the interviews conducted on TSSZ News Final, which airs Saturday nights at 10:30PM ET during the Spring and Fall on TSSZ Plus.

Whether it’s comics, pins, plushies, music, or those cans of Sonic Spaghetti-Os, collectibles are a critical component of Sonic fandom. With such a wide variety of Sonic merchandise to collect, we wanted to speak to a collectible connoisseur to help guide those just starting to secure a Sonic collection – or to help those who want to know if anything they have now is valuable.

So in May, we turned to PatMac, whose Youtube videos on plushies and other merchandise have been viewed almost 12 million times. In our conversation, we touch on how started collecting plushies, what to watch for in spotting fake merchandise, and the weirdest piece of merch he owns.

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