IDW Sonic #18 Delayed a Second Time

IDW Sonic #18 Delayed a Second Time

by June 26, 2019

Tuesday on the IDW Sonic Facebook group, Sonic comic editor David Mariotte announced a second delay for the release of Sonic #18 to next Wednesday. Previously the comic was to be released today, after another delay bumped it a week.

Mariotte says the delay, which originated with distribution, should not have an impact on the upcoming Tangle and Whisper mini-series:

 It’s just come to my attention that issue #18’s been pushed back a week from the distributor level. It’ll be out not this Wednesday, but next Wednesday, July 3rd! Sorry about that! It was very last minute and unplanned!

Issue #19 and Tangle & Whisper are all good for July though! No worries there!

Sonic comic releases in particular have been hit hard under the IDW brand. Several past issues have seen delays for similar reasons. Still, the series remains one of IDW’s strongest sellers.