Shenmue III Backers Upset over Lack of DLC Access

Shenmue III Backers Upset over Lack of DLC Access

by July 11, 2019

Of late, there has been plenty to criticize about the road to the release of Shenmue III, be it the decision to move the PC edition to the Epic Games Store, or the multiple, significant delays to release themselves.

At one point, many were just happy to help crowdsource the base game. Now some of those backers are upset they’ll need to potentially pony up for deluxe pre-order or future content.

The concern stems over Deep Silver’s decision to offer deluxe retail editions of Shenmue III, both physically and digitally. Those editions promise access to future content post-launch, as well as bonus content for those who pre-order. An upset Kickstarter backer posted alleged correspondence with backer organizers, who claim that content will not be available to backers, as it was never part of the crowdsourcing campaigns. Backer editions, it is alleged, will have its own unique content.

The campaigns never promised this particular bonus content to backers, and it’s also unclear what that content entails and how much it will cost. We do know pre-order content includes an advanced technique scroll, a training outfit, and a Peking Power Starter Pack.

Fans have contributed more than $7.1 million to Shenmue III‘s development war chest, but the game also has funding from more official sources, most recently and infamously from Epic Games.

On a more positive note, the alleged letter did mention the early access trial that was promised as part of the campaign, with details on it coming soon.

Shenmue III is currently scheduled for release in November.