Columns II Next Sega AGES Switch Release

Columns II Next Sega AGES Switch Release

by July 18, 2019

With fans still waiting on a progress report for the long-ago announced Sonic 2 Sega Ages remaster, there is in the interim another tantalizing release in the more immediate future from M2. Sega of Japan today confirmed Columns II: The Voyage Through Time will get the Ages treatment and a release on the Nintendo Switch.

With gameplay similar to Tetris and other tile matching titles, this selection is noteworthy because Columns II never received an official release outside of Japan. The original title has seen multple releases and re-releases on systems old and new, while Columns III was released in the West in 1993.

As with other Sega Ages remasters, there will be special enhancements to gameplay, including tweaks to the original arcade mode, and a special Endless Columns mode. The original Columns will also be included.

Release details have not been cemented but the game appears to be on its way very soon to the Nintendo Switch in Japan, with a western release to follow in short order.