Olympic Mascot Miraitowa Playable in Tokyo 2020 Video Game

Olympic Mascot Miraitowa Playable in Tokyo 2020 Video Game

by July 19, 2019

Here’s something a bit out of left field–Sega has announced that Miraitowa, the official mascot for the upcoming Olympic games in Tokyo next year, will be playable in their video game adaptation, due for release next week in Japan.

Miraitowa will have all the capabilities as any other virtual Olympian. If the mascot looks like he’d be better suited to the upcoming Mario and Sonic adaptation, you’re probably not wrong. But there’s no indication Miraitowa will make an appearance there yet.

You can also see from the parent Tweet that Sega will include an array of custom costumes for your player to compete in, from pirate outfits to shining armor to maid uniforms. We’re not entirely sure how that will help players break a world record–seems it would hurt those chances, to be honest–but we won’t judge. We’ll leave that to…the Olympic judges.

A Western release date for the official Tokyo 2020 Olympics video game has yet to be announced, or if these features will travel West.