Sonic to Crossover With “OK K.O.”

Sonic to Crossover With “OK K.O.”

by July 19, 2019

Sonic returns to 2D Animation

Though there’s rumors that Cartoon Network’s OK K.O. could be nearing an ending, the current season has plenty of surprises left in store. Premiered at Comic-Con just now was a preview for an upcoming episode, titled “Let’s Meet Sonic.”

Though the provided clip is extremely short, keep your ears open for a reprisal of the song “In The Hall of the Mountain King,” which frequently turned up in 1993’s Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog weekday TV series.

This isn’t the first time OK K.O. has made sufficiently deep animation cuts like this. Season 2 featured a “Crossover Nexus” episode, uniting current Cartoon Network stars like Steven Universe’s Garnet with Teen Titan’s Raven, but also featuring cameos of other Cartoon Network stars stretching further back in time, even dating as far back as The Moxy Show, Cartoon Network’s first piece of original programming. OK K.O. even dedicated an entire episode to Captain Planet, bringing back some of the original actors.

OK K.O.: Let’s Meet Sonic airs on Cartoon Network August 4th.