Creative Assembly Apologizes for Outgoing CM’s “Dickhead” Remark

Creative Assembly Apologizes for Outgoing CM’s “Dickhead” Remark

by July 26, 2019

On Friday morning, Sega-owned Creative Assembly issued an apology via the official Total War Twitter account for comments made by one of the company’s now former community managers that some believe was directed at a controversial YouTuber in the Total War community.

The livestream, according to Kotaku, featured Michael Whelan, known in the Total War community as “Wheels,” calling Arch Warhammer a “dickhead” live on the air. It was Whelan’s last livestream and last few days with the company.

Arch Warhammer has nearly 200,000 YouTube subscribers, and is known within the Total War community to be critical of Creative Assembly. A video published Thursday addressed the comments and speculated the reasons for the controversial callout, pointing specifically to the channel’s recent coverage of a Total War: Three Kingdoms mod Creative Assembly took action against on Steam. The mod, according to Kotaku, replaced photos of female generals with more sexualized depictions.

In a July 9th video on Arch Warhammer, Arch Warhammer labeled the CA community team “cuck beta leftists” in response to the action, according to Kotaku. TSSZ has elected not to directly link to the video cited.

Arch Warhammer, in a statement to Kotaku, acknowledged the CA apology, and noted he is “happy to receive” it.