Pitch for “Sonic: The Shadow World” Revealed

Pitch for “Sonic: The Shadow World” Revealed

by August 1, 2019

It sounds like something a member of our community would have concocted not long after Sonic Adventure 2 came out. Perhaps that is what happened, except that person happened to fill some pretty big shoes at British studio Climax Studios.

That’s because researcher Andrew Borman revealed this week Climax pitched two Sonic-themed titles that took the franchise in a very different direction from where it was in the mid-2000s. Borman first revealed Sonic: The Shadow World, an undeveloped pitch sheet from 2005, on his Youtube channel Sunday.

Sonic: The Shadow World was intended for PSP and was to be the polar opposite of Sonic’s colorful levels – dark, dingy, dangerous. The gameplay style would have focused on quick action levels, low times, and high scores. It only got as far as five pieces of paper, unless you count Sonic Forces, as this pitch in large part sounds like the environment players traversed in the latest major 3D Sonic release.

Borman has another undeveloped Sonic pitch under his sleeve, slated for a reveal on his Youtube channel soon.