Soundtrack to OK K.O. / Sonic Crossover Posted

Soundtrack to OK K.O. / Sonic Crossover Posted

by August 5, 2019 1 comment

If reaction we’ve seen on Twitter is any indication, Sunday’s premiere of Let’s Meet Sonic in OK K.O. was met with a strong positive response throughout the community and beyond.

We have good news if you want to continue the good vibes: Mint Potion, a regular contributing composer to the series, has posted a ten-minute mega mix of the cues they produced for yesterday’s episode to Soundcloud. The music has already been played 1,400 times.

There may be better news if you’d like to take these tunes with you individually. In response to a fan’s question as to whether we’ll see individual release of the works, Mint Potion responded that they will “be discussing this soon” – so don’t be surprised if we see something pop up for purchase on a place like iTunes.


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    #1 SONIC!JAM 11 August, 2019, 18:27

    Yo wow this soundtrack is great, if sonic ever gets another aosth style cartoon I hope they do the soundtrack in this style

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