Sega Reveals “Humankind” at Gamescom

Sega Reveals “Humankind” at Gamescom

by August 20, 2019

There’s nation building. There’s world building. And then there’s civilization building.

Sega-owned Amplitude Studios will let you do the latter with Humankind, teased throughout the past several days, and revealed during Gamescom’s opening night on Monday. Like the much celebrated Total War franchise from Creative Assembly, this is a historical turn-based strategy title with much more meat to it; some 60 eras from past to present will be available to players.

Platforms were not announced for Humankind‘s release next year, but given Amplitude’s acquisition by Sega three years ago to strengthen its footprint in the PC market, that particular platform, at least, appears to be a lock.

Take a look at the trailer for Humankind below.