Details on M&S 2020’s First Dream Event Revealed

Details on M&S 2020’s First Dream Event Revealed

by August 26, 2019

From Siliconera, we have some additional details on the upcoming Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 to share from the game’s official website.

First, local multiplayer will be possible with up to three other contenders. Some can participate in co-op events. Online modes consist of a Ranked Match mode with up to 8 players in either Olympic or Dream events, or casual “Free Match” events where up to four players online can participate.

In addition, the first Dream event was formally unveiled. Known as Dream Shooting, players can partake as either individual free-for-alls or as a team:

In this event, you shoot acorn bullets at targets in order to collect points. There are many gimmicks in this house of tricks and traps. You can shoot switches to open doors and reveal hidden targets. By shooting consecutive targets, you get a combo bonus.

When a giant kite appears, it’s Chance Time! You can earn many points if you manage to get the Multi-Shot item and hit the kite multiple times.

M&S 2020 is out in November worldwide – November 5th in the US, and November 8th in Europe.