Nicalis Developer Offers 90s Super GP Update

Nicalis Developer Offers 90s Super GP Update

by September 2, 2019

The long, patient wait for backers of what is now known as 90s Super GP continues.

You may remember that this project was funded through Kickstarter as The 90s Arcade Racer back in 2013. It was fronted by Pelikan13, who came to prominence in this community by posting a tech demo of a reimagined 2.5D Emerald Hill Zone from Sonic 2 to critical acclaim. The 90s project was scooped up by indie developer Nicalis, renamed, and intended for release five years ago. It wasn’t.

Long since written off by many as a dead project, Tyrone Rodriguez, a Nicalis developer, took to Twitter this afternoon to remind that the project remains in development, and implies that much of its slow road to release has to do with there originally being one person behind the project:

That glimmer of hope may be of little reassurance to those who backed the project many years ago. We’ll continue to follow the game’s development progress.