Hesse Allegedly Confirms Sonic Movie Redesign Involvement

Hesse Allegedly Confirms Sonic Movie Redesign Involvement

by September 6, 2019

With now a little over five months to go until the Sonic movie is scheduled to hit theaters, the trail of information fans have desperately wanted has largely gone cold since the Spring’s now infamous movie trailer reveal.

That has changed a little bit overnight, when we got late word out of the ongoing Pixelatl festival in Cuernavaca, Mexico, that Tyson Hesse, of late a contributor to the artwork and animation of Sonic Mania and Sonic Mania Adventures, has allegedly and officially declared his involvement in the redesign of Sonic in the upcoming film in a panel he moderated at the event.

This, according to an independent gaming site from Mexico with a reporter who attended his panel:

For the moment, there is no video or otherwise recorded evidence of the self-confirmation. But Hesse himself has dropped occasional hints on Twitter of his involvement, from various sketches to an Iron Man meme. Hesse is listed as an official guest for this year on the Pixelatl website.

So far, much of the community has reacted positively to the information, finding new hope that, whenever Paramount elects to share that new design with the world, it will be a marked improvement over the original work.