Cook and Becker to Publish 2nd Edition of Sonic Art Book

Cook and Becker to Publish 2nd Edition of Sonic Art Book

by September 9, 2019

When Cook and Becker published the Sonic the Hedgehog art book to mark the franchise’s 25th anniversary a few years back, it was met with critical community acclaim, but it couldn’t predict the future. By that point, Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces were both well known to be in development, but neither could make the cut inside the pages.

On Friday, the publisher sought to remedy that by announcing a second edition of the book, which will include both Mania and Forces, along with a small bit of Team Sonic Racing:

The intention for our Sonic The Hedgehog book has always been to deliver the most definite, official volume on Sonic’s art and design history. So we’re very happy to have been able to update it with 32 extra pages that cover Sonic Mania, Sonic Forces and (briefly) Sonic Team Racing.

On Twitter, the team showed off some of the work expected to be included in the new edition, largely from Mania.  Cook and Becker also explained why Mania would not receive its own printing:

Pre-orders are now open for the second edition at the above cited link.