Domestic Genesis Mini Tower in the Wild

Domestic Genesis Mini Tower in the Wild

by September 17, 2019

One of the quirkier and collectible components of Sega’s upcoming re-release of the Genesis / Mega Drive Mini console was the announcement of a Mega Drive “tower,” non-playable add-ons that allow Mini owners to stack a Sega CD and 32X into their Genesis – with special mini cartridges of Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic 1 to boot.

That tower was announced for sale in Japan–a small set of retailers have it available for pre-order–but it turns out Sega of America had a surprise for a select set of influencers Monday:

The mini-tower received a very limited run for some domestic media outlets to unbox and tease fans with:

But if you’re wondering if you can buy one, Sega of America’s Jacob Nahim stepped in on Twitter to clarify that you can’t–but it doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be chances to get your hands on it:

We’ll keep you informed on any contests to bring this instant collectible into your hands.