ChuChu Rocket Universe Launches for Apple Arcade

ChuChu Rocket Universe Launches for Apple Arcade

by September 19, 2019

When Apple reiterated its commitment to Apple Arcade at its press event last week, they snuck in a small surprise for Sega and Sonic Team faithful: A revival of ChuChu Rocket! for the subscription service.

Developed by Hardlight, it’s called ChuChu Rocket! Universe and with Arcade launching today, those with the service can now play it.

We didn’t see a ton of footage when Apple announced Universe, but as with Sonic Racing we’re now getting our first good look at the series.


Perhaps the largest surprise out of ChuChu Rocket! Universe – other than its smooth transition of its simple gameplay mechanics to 3D – is that one KapuKapu now has a voice. We’ll continue to bring you more on the out-of-this-world Apple Arcade exclusive in the coming days and weeks.