Classic Sonic Textures Found in Super Monkey Ball HD Demo

Classic Sonic Textures Found in Super Monkey Ball HD Demo

by October 10, 2019 2 comments

A modder has investigated the recently released Japan-specific demo of Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD and has found evidence that Classic Sonic will be the secret Sonic of choice when the game is released at the end of the month.

The news caused quite a stir when we broke the story Wednesday afternoon on our Twitter feed. We’ve known for some time that Sonic would be unlockable thanks to an achievement list leak.

Modder Nikki found what is indicative of a Generations and Forces style Classic Sonic making the cut through two icon textures, but little to suggest Modern Sonic would be included, despite alternate costumes being available for all of the upcoming game’s main characters.

Sega has not officially confirmed Sonic’s addition to Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD, which is slated for release October 29th on all platforms but PC, which will see release through Steam next year.


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  1. Ninetails2000
    #1 Ninetails2000 10 October, 2019, 19:40

    I was actually kinda excited for Sonic to show up considering how well the two series go together whenever they cross over, but after spending so much time with Classic Sonic monopolizing all the attention and jumping in where he’s not needed and then taking the spot in this over Modern Sonic? When Monkey Ball wasn’t even around until the Dreamcast era at the earliest? Haha, consider me cooled right back down. If it was a matter of proportions, they could have just pulled from Sonic Runners for reference.

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    • SSJSonicXX14
      SSJSonicXX14 11 October, 2019, 00:28

      Laffffffooooo and yeah I’m sure the team making this is gonna use that failure of a game for an example rather than reusing a model from an existing console game that fits just fine with the SMB character style. Remember when they put Classic Sonic and Studiopolis in Team Sonic Racing, wait that didn’t happen and the game was a a big bomb with no hype.

      From trying the demo this game plays like if Monkey Ball was a bad 3D Sonic game because of the jumping, it flat out doesn’t work with the camera and slippery SMB controls, you get to the second stage and it wants you to somehow jump on a narrow beam and not instantly plummet to your death. I can’t believe these are the levels they choose for the demo, imagining having to play back in the Wii days with motion controls only makes me shudder.

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