Analogue Announces “Pocket” Retro System

Analogue Announces “Pocket” Retro System

by October 17, 2019

Analogue, the retro game console manufacturer behind the aftermarket Sega compatible console Mega Sg, announced on Wednesday the Pocket, principally designed for the Game Boy line but compatible with Sega Game Gear cartridges via an adapter.

Though the Mega Sg already includes adapter compatibility for the Game Gear, this system uses FPGA and brings that compatibility back to a portable system with a 3.5 inch screen. The console will be released in limited quantities next year for $199. Pocket will also carry adapter compatibility with Atari Lynx and Neo Geo Pocket Color, in case you still have that copy of Sonic Pocket Adventure lying around.

Other Pocket features include a synthesizer and sequencer, and a second FPGA for homebrew development.

The hook on this system is in its partner hardware: the Dock. Much like the Switch’s setup, Dock will allow players to connect their portable games to a television screen and play via wired or wireless controllers.

Analogue has not indicated when Pocket or Dock would be available for pre-order.