Kusumoto: Sega Planning More Animation Shorts

Kusumoto: Sega Planning More Animation Shorts

by October 24, 2019

With the six-part Sonic Mania Adventures series logging more then 66 million views on Youtube alone – and follow-up Team Sonic Racing Overdrive adding 7 million more on the platform – it’s of little surprise a recent interview conducted with Comicbook.com with Sega’s Director of Animation Yukio Kusumoto confirms the company will stay the course when it comes to similar tie-in featurettes in the future.

In fact, Kusumoto said that “several” such projects, Sonic and otherwise, are on deck for the future:

I can say we have a plan of continuing this trend creating short-form content per game release, and we can’t announce yet, but several projects have been planned; for those projects, we are in early development, but yes, we will continue releasing this type of content.

Kusumoto noted that nothing’s been left on the cutting room floor, either:

Well for these projects, the schedule is so tight that we didn’t have a liberty of producing more and then cutting down. Literally what you’ve seen on the Internet is all we produced, actually.

Deeper in the interview, which can be read at the link cited above, Kusumoto said those future projects could include longer content, and even pieces that include dialogue. To this point Sonic has not spoken in what’s been produced. Kusumoto says that Sega has “learned so much” for the future from producing both series shorts.