Penders Announces Lara-Su Chronicles Target Release Date

Penders Announces Lara-Su Chronicles Target Release Date

by October 30, 2019

The long saga that began with former Sonic comic writer Ken Penders claiming the rights to the characters he created in the series and ended with upending of decades of backstory, multiple reboots, and a change of licensee now has a new twist: Its original purpose.

On Friday, Penders announced through Twitter he was getting quotes for a printing of the first series under The Lara-Su Chronicles brand with an eye toward release next year, several years after it was originally announced (and likely delayed due to the long legal saga):

Penders said in replies he likely will not use crowdsourcing to fund the print, opting instead for self-funding. That will severely limit availability for fans who may want a copy; Penders also notes proper sales through the mail are still up in the air:

Lara-Su, who first appeared in Archie Sonic #131, was one of the characters Penders claimed ownership of in 2009, which prompted Archie’s lawsuit and the eventual end of the Archie Sonic era. Plans by Penders to create a series around Lara-Su date back to 2011.