Sonic 3D Blast Demo Tracks Released

Sonic 3D Blast Demo Tracks Released

by October 30, 2019

Jon Burton, one half of the original team behind British developer Traveller’s Tales, maintains an active presence through his Youtube channel Game Hut, where his time spent creating Sonic 3D Blast in the 90s has yielded great dividends for fans today.

Last week, Burton released a “demo” track, or an early draft of a piece of in-game music, from current Sonic music master maestro Jun Senoue. It ended up unused in-game but found new life as a part of Sonic Adventure‘s Twinkle Park. On Tuesday, Burton continued releasing tunes.

It may sound like a MIDI mix of S3DB‘s Green Grove Zone – and that’s largely because it is. Another early demo track release reveals the first stage also had a previous name:

Never heard demo version of Green Alley Zone Act 1 music. It’s called Green Alley Zone as that what the level was going to be called early on in development. It was later changed to Green Grove Zone. This demo track was recorded by SEGA for my approval before it was used to base Sonic 3D’s music on. I’m preserving it here. After the fires last year and new ones nearby recently, I would hate this demo to be lost forever. Track composed by Jun Senoue.
Senoue would again find a use for the work in Sonic Adventure, remastering the track to include as part of Windy Valley.
It would appear more pieces of music may be on the way. A Discogs entry for the cassette has mysteriously appeared, and listed is an entry for an unused Casino Night Zone stage. Its accuracy is unknown – it’s also quite possible Burton himself submitted it to the service – but given his weekly releases, it stands to reason we may know one way or the other by next week.