Sega Sammy Reports “Strong Performance” in Q2 Earnings

Sega Sammy Reports “Strong Performance” in Q2 Earnings

by October 31, 2019

Sega Sammy reported a profit of $117.2 million through Q2 2020 on sales of more than $1.06 billion in its Entertainment Contents Division today. That’s the division Sega’s games division is a part of.

The division again made up the bulk of Sega Sammy’s good news for the quarter, as the mothership reported earnings of $134.8 million on sales of sales of about $1.53 billion.

After a quarter where packaged, or physical sales showcased its market muscle, digital was back leading the way in division profits for the quarter, with $51.7 million in operating income on sales of $217.9 million. Phantasy Star Online 2, a now seven -year-old game, was the company’s top digital performer. Still, physical was strong, at $39.6 million on sales of $296.4 million, helped in part by the launch of the Genesis Mini at the end of the quarter.

Overall, Sega Sammy said in its report the division logged a “strong performance.”

With titles like Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, the new Sakura Wars title, and a new Yakuza title on the way, Sega Sammy is standing pat on its guidance of a strong fiscal year for the division overall.

As of this article’s publication, shares of Sega Sammy are trading down in Japan by more than one percent.