Final Focus: Stealth

Final Focus: Stealth

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Final Focus features the interviews conducted on TSSZ News Final, which typically airs Saturday nights at 10:30PM ET during the Spring and Fall on TSSZ Plus.

Simon Thomley, or Stealth, can trace his community roots back to the late 1990s, when Sonic: Project Mettrix started as one of the most complex and celebrated fan projects. Fast forward more than 20 years later, and Stealth’s programming savvy has yielded strong dividends–from his teaming up with Taxman to bring Sonic CD to a new generation of audiences, to his big break returning Sonic to his 2D roots as co-developer Sonic Mania.

Now, Stealth has a new team and a new task he needs your help with: Bringing an original IP to life. Vertebreaker only happens with your support. The crowdsourcing drive runs through the end of November. In this interview which aired on the Final in October, Rybo speaks with Stealth on how his work on Mania informed his direction with Vertebreaker, and how he and Taxman first joined forces to use their skills and revive a once rudderless and restless community.

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