Vertebreaker Kickstarter Suddenly Canceled

Vertebreaker Kickstarter Suddenly Canceled

by November 8, 2019

What’s going on?

Without much warning last night, the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Headcannon’s Vertebreaker was suddenly canceled. At the time, no reason was given for this cancellation:

We Are Very Sorry by Headcannon [Creator]
November 7th, 2019
We are immensely grateful to each of the hundreds of people who have backed our campaign, but unfortunately, it seems that we will have to end the campaign. We’ll have more info shortly

A few hours later, project lead Stealth published a lengthy video explaining that, because it was becoming evident the project goal would not be reached, the decision was made to pull the plug.


A glance at the statistics on suggests Vertebreaker had a slow start after its Halloween launch, accruing only 5% of its intended $275,000 goal. Kickstarters usually see a big surge of activity on their opening days, which then tapers off before ramping back up again towards the end of the campaign. With only 5% of its goal met, Vertebreaker had a very long, steep hill to climb. It appears Headcannon merely cut their losses early.