New Sonic X-Treme Youtube Documentary Released

New Sonic X-Treme Youtube Documentary Released

by November 22, 2019 1 comment

Call it a mini-Fan Fridays – or just call it a deep dive into a topic our community continues to learn more about, more than 20 years after one of Sonic’s most ambitious projects of the era failed to launch.

We are, of course, speaking of Sonic X-Treme, orignally planned as a flagship title for the Sega Saturn, bogged down by development woes and internal politics spanning both ends of the Pacific Ocean, and even in hindsight, a product with serious doubt in the minds of many about how much a splash it could have made anyway.

Now, the Stuff we Play video channel concluded a year’s worth of research and interviews to debut The Art of Failure: Sonic X-Treme’s Death in Development this week. The 71 minute documentary features interviews with Chris Senn and Mike Wallis, and is one of the most extensive narratives on Sonic X-Treme‘s internal doldrums you’ll ever watch.

We invite you to watch it below.

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    It’s pretty good.

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