Final Focus: Sonic Hacking Contest 2019

Final Focus: Sonic Hacking Contest 2019

by December 1, 2019

Final Focus features the interviews conducted on TSSZ News Final, which typically airs Saturday nights at 10:30PM ET during the Spring and Fall on TSSZ Plus.

On the eve of the 2019 Sonic Hacking Contest – the 18th contest held in this community – we talked with Sewer56, a first-time member of the judging panel, to discuss the changes and improvements made to the contest.

Among the most significant changes this year is the division of entries into three categories: 2D/PC, Retro, and 3D – to afford a more even playing field for trophies. The judging panel is also more diverse this year, with more technical backgrounds present.

Those two changes should increase the chances of entrants placing or outright earning the wide varieties of trophies up for grabs, and there will be dozens competing – and not. Watch our conversation with Sewer56 below.