Sonic Movie Advertising Push Begins with New TV Trailer

Sonic Movie Advertising Push Begins with New TV Trailer

by January 14, 2020 1 comment

A month from today, the Sonic movie will be in theaters.

With some territories having already seen creative promotion for the film begin, Monday marked the beginning of an expansive ad buy in North America. Short trailers began appearing on both traditional and digital media.

Fans spotted a 30-second trailer on ViacomCBS-owned media outlets, and some mobile games carried two separate 15-second cuts of existing trailer footage as “bonus content.” Paramount, which distributes the Sonic movie, is owned by ViacomCBS.

There have also been print ads seen on billboards and other media from coast to coast. Many ads carry the tagline “Chillin’ vs. Villain.”

If you see any interesting places the Sonic movie is being pushed, be sure to tell us about it via a news tip or a DM/mention on Twitter.

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    I’m honestly really excited.

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