Sonic 2 SEGA AGES JP Page Opens

Sonic 2 SEGA AGES JP Page Opens

by January 17, 2020

Sega remains uncommitted to a release date for the upcoming SEGA AGES remaster of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the Nintendo Switch, even after the company opened an official web page for the effort on Thursday.

Sonic 2 will include several enhanced features, as all in the SEGA AGES line do. Those features include a Ring Keep mode, tracking how many rings you collect through stages without taking damage, and a Super Sonic mode, which unleashes you with all Chaos Emeralds right out of the gate. The Knuckles in Sonic 2 lock-on mod will also be available, as will features like CRT scan and HD vibration.

With those features now officially outlined, the door toward several additional features on Sonic 2‘s mobile version, remastered separately by Taxman and Stealth, appears closed. It no longer looks like players will be able to see a realized Hidden Palace Zone on a proper home console, at least for this iteration.

Though Sega has not disclosed a release date on the Sonic 2 SEGA AGES release, some have speculated it is next in line, with Puyo Puyo 2 having been released just this week. The West is only a couple games behind, with Shinobi and Fantasy Zone in the pipeline for later this month.