Tee Lopes Reveals Next Game Music Project

Tee Lopes Reveals Next Game Music Project

by January 17, 2020

It’s been a busy week for Sonic Mania and Team Sonic Racing music alum Tee Lopes.

On Thursday, Sega released the last of its commissioned Sonic music remixes, a collaboration between Lopes and Jun Senoue, giving the 8-bit Under Ground Zone from Sonic 2 a fresh sound for 2020.

As it’s the last throwback per Sega, that would rule out that these alleged behind-the-scenes studio recordings of Jun Senoue and members of the Sonic Adventure Music Experience, reported first by TSSZ, were related to the efforts.

The same day, Lopes learned he was nominated for Artist of the Year in the VGMO 2019 Annual Game Music Awards for his contributions to TSR. You can add your vote of confidence for Lopes in the category at this link.

Perhaps the biggest news to come from Lopes this week is the reveal of his next major game music project, which isn’t Sonic related. It’s for Keo, an online multiplayer vehicle combat game planned for release soon on the Playstation 4 from Portugal-based Redcatpig Studio.

Lopes afforded a preview of his work on Wednesday.