“Teen Sonic” to be Playable in Sonic Forces Speed Battle

“Teen Sonic” to be Playable in Sonic Forces Speed Battle

by January 27, 2020

On Sunday, Sega Hardlight made official what had been widely speculated for months, and otherwise seen through recent leaks overseas: Movie Sonic will be part of a mobile title.

Except he won’t be called Movie Sonic, and he eventually will not be alone.

Teen Sonic, as Hardlight now refers to him as, will be unlockable from January 31st, with a second character from the movie to follow. Many have speculated it could be Baby Sonic, who was well received when revealed in later movie promotions.

In addition, there’s been a sighting of Teen Sonic in creative for Sonic Dash overseas, but we’re still unsure – and our sources at Hardlight will not confirm – whether this Sonic incarnation will come to that endless runner, which seems to have an endless life at now almost seven years from its initial release.

The event will run from January 31 to February 24, and keeps a now more than two-year-old mobile title active and engaging for its many users.