Sonic Classic 2 Dev Targets 2020 Release

Sonic Classic 2 Dev Targets 2020 Release

by January 30, 2020

With so much pomp and circumstance surrounding the annual SAGE in the Fall, it’s easy to forget that for the most dedicated, fan game development is a year-round effort.

In the case of Sonic Classic 2, it’s a multi-year long effort.

Earlier this month, Hez, who began development on Classic 2 in 2011, afforded a lengthy video update of where things stand on the fan game. We last covered the status of Classic 2 in 2014, and now, according to Hez, he has plans to release a finished product later this year:

I think I finally decided on something. I’ll release 2, potentially 3 versions.

Sonic Classic 2
Sonic Classic 2 Plus+ 
(Working on a better name now, as I don’t want to steal manias)
Sonic Classic 2 & Fang (Harde har har, a play on S3k obviously. This would just be the above version with an Sonic and Knuckles like addition. Basically the scrapped 3-4 concept levels I had planned and potentially releasing online mode in this version if its not polished enough by the Plus+ release date)

So basically Plus+ would have Sonic 2 added and a more robust “encore” mode. I’d add 5 more red rings (blue ones?!) per stage to find to unlock these.

Hez talked about the potential releases as a way to better solidify what he called “nice-to-haves” earlier in the month, which included online play and a complete in-game re-creation of Sonic 2.

You can see some of that work in an extended video showcasing the latest edition of Sonic Classic 2 below. If a release does happen this year, it could become one of the community’s most anticipated projects.