Fan Fridays: Bitplex

Fan Fridays: Bitplex

by January 31, 2020 0 comments

We’ve got a real treat for you now. This week’s spotlight is on Bitplex, a YouTube channel that features, in its own words, “your favorite video games reimagined in original and creative ways.” The man behind the channel – Steve Williams, according to the Bitplex SoundCloud page, has spent an extreme amount of time portraying some of the world’s most beloved games and franchises in new ways, and his Sonic works are perhaps the most interesting. He has taken images and sequences from Sonic 1, Sonic 3, and Sonic Mania, and built them into fully-3D artwork. Though the Sonic 3 intro is certainly very impressive, perhaps even striking, the Mania video might be the most interesting – no zone goes unconverted, so even less-popular zones like Titanic Monarch and Oil Ocean get their moment of glory. It’s really something to see some of these backgrounds gain so much depth and life.

All three of these videos are available to view below, and we encourage you to check out more Bitplex content on YouTube. If you have a fan project you want the world to know about, send us a link at!

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