New Sonic Merch-Sega Shop, PUMA Japan

New Sonic Merch-Sega Shop, PUMA Japan

by February 8, 2020

Some new merchandise was announced last month and into February.

The Sega Shop will be featuring collectible pins available for $16.95. Every Tuesday of the month, a new pin is revealed! Collect at least 6 pins and you’ll receive a limited edition pin as a bonus. First pin is an absolutely adorable Chao in Space pin, available for preorder now.

Next up, PUMA Japan announce some new items with their Sonic the Hedgehog collectibles, featuring multiple new shoe designs, some new hoodies, T-Shirts, sandals (which must be reserved before purchase), sweatpants, shorts, and bags. Merchandise is available for both adults and children, and range from ¥14,850 (~$150) for shoes, to ¥2,200 (~$22) for a small portable bag.

Below are some items I personally found pretty exciting, but there are a wide variety of designs and items to choose from.