Fan Fridays: Sonic 2020 – Episode White Jungle

Fan Fridays: Sonic 2020 – Episode White Jungle

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Many modern Sonic fans have a soft spot in their hearts for Sonic Adventure 2, considered by many to be the pinnacle of proper 3D Sonic. With its wide array of environments and gameplay mechanics, there’s something to see and do in-game for just about anyone.

But we promise you’ve never seen an SA2 homage quite like this.

First prototyped at the end of last year as a work in progress, the recreation of White Jungle by B0LT now has a new umbrella name: Sonic 2020.

You may remember the engine behind this visual marvel; it was used in a demo for Crisis City at last year’s Sonic Amateur Games Expo. Now it’s fueling a fan favorite, and you can play it now.

According to the project page, Sonic 2020 will have an episodic release structure, and focus on this story:

This fan game tells the story of why chaos emeralds are no longer used in recent Sonic games. What events took place after Sonic Unleashed before Sonic Lost World, which prevents the characters from using chaos emeralds?

The minimum requirement to play is a 2GB video card, but you’ll need some pretty powerful tech to get what you see above. Community reaction so far has been overwhelmingly positive, with many wondering what will come next.

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