Sonic Movie Crosses $200 Million in Worldwide Ticket Sales

Sonic Movie Crosses $200 Million in Worldwide Ticket Sales

by February 23, 2020

Fans and families came out in earnest to support the Sonic movie on Saturday, after it looked like newcomer Call of the Wild would dethrone the hedgehog from the top box office spot.

Paramount now estimates through Deadline that the movie will add $26.3 million this weekend to its domestic haul. It appears that will be enough to take the #1 spot again. That number is under some early estimates that had the movie making $30 million or more this weekend, and for a moment on Saturday, it looked like Call of the Wild, a new film starring Harrison Ford, would wage a strong competition for the top position and knock off Sonic in shocking fashion, after Friday revenues reported a better than expected debut.

Now, it appears Sonic is back in the driver’s seat through the first week of March.

Worldwide markets outpaced North America. The Sonic movie is estimated by Deadline to have made $38.3 million overseas this weekend with the opening in additional countries like Russia.

That data, paired with steady ticket sales during the week prior, means that by the end of today, the Sonic movie will have made over $203.1 million worldwide, in just 11 days. That is well ahead of estimates, and it could mean the movie becomes profitable by the end of the month, clearing the way for that sequel many assume will happen.

Sonic was to open in China on Friday. Precautions taken by the country in light of the spread of coronavirus there have almost guaranteed that will not happen. Still, in the more than 50 countries the movie has opened, nearly all have seen Sonic shoot to the top of the box office results.