TSSZ+ Shutting Down Later This Year

TSSZ+ Shutting Down Later This Year

by March 26, 2020 8 comments

One of our sadder announcements from last night concerns the future of TSSZ+, our streaming initiative. After over three years of late-night news broadcasts, special event coverage, and let’s-plays of nearly every major Sonic game, we’re sorry to say that TSSZ+ will shut down by the end of this year. While we’ve thoroughly enjoyed producing streams for you, once summer rolls around, we won’t have enough regular content available to justify keeping the service alive. We also understand that there are Sonic sites and personalities with much larger, more developed streaming presences; we don’t want to keep competing against them and splitting community viewership. There’s no official timeline for when the service will close or what will happen to the rest of our video content, but we’ll let you know once we figure that out. Until that day comes, we have lots of our original programming left to produce for you, including TSSZ Plays Sonic Adventure 2 and the remainder of this season of The Final.

When we launched TSSZ+ in 2016, it didn’t even have a real name; “TSSZ on Twitch” was about as official as it got. TSSZ Plays Sonic Unleashed set the stage for things to come, not least of which has been our yearly SEGA at SXSW panel coverage, which we’re particularly proud of. It’s also enabled us to hook you up with some exclusive Sonic swag thanks to SEGA’s fine PR folks, and we’ll always be appreciative of that. As the man behind the initiative, it’s been a thrill to bring such an endeavor to life, and while it’s sad to see the service go, we hope it’s brought you some entertainment and enjoyment, and we hope you’ll stay with the service through the next few months – there’s a lot more fun to come!

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  1. Sonic the Hedgehog
    #1 Sonic the Hedgehog 26 March, 2020, 12:16

    oh thanks god

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  2. Kabam!
    #2 Kabam! 26 March, 2020, 13:30

    2016-2020 have been my years at college which often made it difficult for me to tune in, but I enjoyed it whenever I could! Thank you for this! If general interest in Sonic increases in the coming years, perhaps TSSZ+ can return…

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  3. TLSonic
    #3 TLSonic 26 March, 2020, 13:59

    Yo, Why can’t you just upload the videos to YouTube?

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    • Lou Balzani
      Lou Balzani Author 26 March, 2020, 16:26

      We do use YouTube for edited video uploads. TSSZ+ is for livestreaming, and the streams are what’s going away this year.

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  4. LBD
    #4 LBD "Nytetrayn" 26 March, 2020, 19:49

    Dang. =( I’ve tuned in when I’ve been able, which hasn’t been as much lately, but I’m going to hate to see it go. It was nice while it lasted.

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  5. Shadowbane2009
    #5 Shadowbane2009 29 March, 2020, 01:48

    Really sad to see you go Lou…You are literally the backbone of this site. Been so used to seeing you around here. Not going to be the same without you. Definitely will miss seeing ya around like we have. You definitely will never be forgotten.

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  6. sonicgalaxy27
    #6 sonicgalaxy27 30 March, 2020, 16:57

    Wow this is a huge drag right here. I’m really enjoying the service so far with the new updates for Sonic games and IDW Comics. I never thought i see the light of day but this feels like the end of an era. It won’t be the same while the site is gone Lou. If only you keep this site here a little longer for Sonic’s 30th anniversary next year.

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    • Tristan Oliver
      Tristan Oliver 31 March, 2020, 19:36

      Just to be clear, this site is not going away – we’re committed to sticking around for quite a while to come.


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