Paramount Shares Early Baby Sonic Deleted Scene

Paramount Shares Early Baby Sonic Deleted Scene

by March 31, 2020

When the first trailer for the Sonic movie was released, so much attention was given to Teen Sonic’s original design. The mere thought of another Sonic in the film would be months away, when a redesign would calm the world’s fears and lead to more than $300 million in sales.

With the movie’s digital release today, we’re now learning that Baby Sonic may have also had a design deficiency or two, with visuals to back it up coming right from Paramount:

Let’s make something very clear about what you see above: None of the CG in it was finalized. What is shown is, very clearly, early on in the modeling process. Even with the updated design, this stage of inserting any Sonic would look muddy, at best.

The movie’s digital release comes with more deleted scenes, and it appears most are willing to acknowledge what was, now that what is has won approval of the movie-viewing public.