“Sonic X Reanimate” Debuts to Positive Reviews

“Sonic X Reanimate” Debuts to Positive Reviews

by April 6, 2020

On Saturday night, the work of over 300 artists–each responsible for recreating a scene or two of a Sonic X episode–debuted to rave reviews.

That episode is episode 5, Cracking Knuckles, and it took 17 months of production time – organized principally by Bilianna – to get it all together.


With a like-to-dislike ratio of more than 100 to 1, much of the Sonic art community, and the community at large, enjoyed the collaborative effort, not the least of which was the team at Sega, who expressed appreciation in the comments for the work.

“This is fantastic! Huge shout-out to all involved on this project,” read the statement.

Sonic X Reanimate comes a month after the release of the Sonic OVA reanimation effort by 3GI, which had some 200 artists involved.