Sega Shop US, EU Return to Normal Shipping

Sega Shop US, EU Return to Normal Shipping

by April 8, 2020

Both Sega shops on either side of the Atlantic appear to be resuming normal services this week, after varying levels of shutdown the past couple of weeks related to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In Europe, where all orders were on hold for a period, shipping has resumed with this detailed notice on how employees are staying safe while fulfilling orders:

Our warehouse is now open and orders will be despatched from Monday 6th April. We closed the warehouse for two weeks to allow staff to self-isolate and reduce the risk of contracting the virus and spreading it amongst their colleagues. In line with Public Health England’s advice, all staff who can work from home, are working from home and we are re-opening the warehouse with only 3 members of staff. We have introduced a number of safety measures to protect staff in the warehouse, including social distancing, hand sanitizers and new procedures for deliveries and collections. Our staff are our utmost concern and we will continue to review procedures to keep them safe.

In the US, where only some items were impacted, the picture is a bit murkier. All items now list shipment within five business days, and previous notices about delays have disappeared. Sega’s notice previously stated they were impacted by California’s shutdown order on all non-essential business. It is not clear if or how Sega is adhering to that order while continuing to ship product to consumers.

In either case, third party couriers still may delay delivery of any and all items, as companies like UPS, DHL and FedEx take extra precautions to keep their employees safe during the pandemic. It’s safe to assume that just because an item ships in five days does not mean you’ll necessarily receive it shortly thereafter.