TSSZ Wants to help you go Beyond Blue, directly to your customers.

When you advertise your product or service on TSSZ, not only do you have access to a market of some of the most critical and enthusiastic fans there are, but you have access to one of the largest.  In 2011, TSSZ News has amassed over 4.3 million visitors for the year–that’s 38 percent more than in 2009!  And since our relaunch in late March 2008, more than 12 million have turned to us for information, an average of more than 10,000 readers a day since 2011.  That makes TSSZ News the #1 choice for Sonic and Sega news in the world.

That’s over 10,000 potential pairs of eyeballs daily on your product or service.  Can you afford not to have that kind of exposure?

Make no mistake: You’re not advertising on just some fan site.  TSSZ News is the only full service news source of its kind in the world.  That’s why we’re cited first and cited often when we break the big stories on major sites such as Kotaku, Official XBOX Magazine, Joystiq, News 4 Gamers, CVG, and more!  Not only do we report the news, we offer analysis, commentary, and balanced reviews of the games our audience plays.

Our audience is global.  TSSZ has readers and reporters from the around the world, bringing the world’s Sonic and Sega news that really matters to your potential audience.  We are a global news source with international affiliates and news partnerships–that’s why TSSZ is able to break the big stories first.

TSSZ has unique brand recognition. When you mention TSSZ to gamers, they know you’re talking about a news source devoted to quality, accuracy, and dependability.  We are known because we interact and talk to our audience, and know what they want.

Our track record is commendable. Whether you’re just starting out promoting a fan game, or a company trying to reach a broader audience, our commitment to quality ensures excellent results for you.

So, follow the leader…because only TSSZ can help you achieve your advertising goals.

Rate Card

TSSZ currently offers these advertising solutions.  We can also tailor a solution to your specific needs.

Level 3 – Complete takeover of top or side banner space.  Only your ad is seen in the space. $35 / week

Level 2 – 50 percent coverage of top or side banner space, in rotation with our Google ads.  $20 / week

Level 1 – 25 percent coverage of top or side banner space, in rotation with our Google ads.  $15 / week

To start a discussion, please contact adinquiry -at- (replacing -at- with @).  No gambling or erotic websites,
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