News Tips

News Tips

If you have news to share, be sure to share it with TSSZ.

Whether you have inside information, a project you’re working on, or if you found something we missed, we would love to hear about it.  Let us know by sending a tip via the form below.  If we cover your story, you will receive name recognition.  Alternatively, if you have sensitive information or don’t want to be identified, you can tell us in the message whether you wish to remain anonymous.  Please provide a valid E-Mail address to us so we may get in touch with you for any follow-up questions.  If you have imagery or video accompanying your tip, please upload it to a third party server and link it to us in the tip.

IMPORTANT: For the moment, you cannot use a Gmail address to send us news tips. Our system will not deliver tips with a Gmail address attached to it. Please provide an alternate E-Mail to reach you in the field below, or alternatively, please reach out to us directly via tips -at- tssznews -dot- com.

If you deliberately submit false leads or other misleading information, or otherwise abuse this system, we will check your IP and ensure you will not be able to use this system or post comments on TSSZ. This is an irreversible ban.

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