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SAGE 2018: Sonic Islands Developer Steve Taylor Interview

SAGE is in full swing, and we’re kicking off the week strong with a collection of interviews. Today we’ll be speaking with Steve Taylor, creator of Sonic Islands, as he discusses the project’s origins, obstacles and more. Hear what he

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SAGE 2018: Review Slew #2

Day 2 rolls on.. Or, er, uh… comes to a close, I guess, given the time I’m posting this article. Hm, well, here’s some games: Sonic Adventure Blast At first, it might seem like Sonic Adventure Blast has some interesting

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SAGE 2018: Review Slew #1

Wait. You’re kidding me. There are HOW many games at SAGE this year? Jeeze, you guys have been busy. Clearly I’ve got my work cut out for me, so we probably shouldn’t delay things with wistful introductions and just get

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