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Fan Fridays: Metal Sonic’s Adventure

(Includes a toy) In less than two weeks, a new phenomenon has taken the fanbase by storm. Reaching 4,000 followers in only ten days, Metal Sonic’s Adventure is a Twitter page that aims to document the day to day tendencies we

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Fan Fridays: Blink of an Eye

Those who tuned into yesterday’s Official Sonic stream were treated with a special new song to top off the season’s end. That song was “Blink of an Eye,” a commemorative piece by Victor McKnight, SquigglyDigg and Chi-chi in honor of

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Fan Fridays: Sonic Legends

To conclude our month of interviews, we’re pointing the spotlight on Sonic Legends, a project that seems to incorporate levels from fan games and rom hacks of the past two decades, adding unique elements and flair along the way. We contacted the

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